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Technical description of the services

Lenor performs technical services which includes the following capabilities:

- Toxicological test of toys (migration of metal)

- Determination and verification of polymers 

- Test for packaging in contact with food (global migration, specific) 

- Determination of phthalates in childcare products and toys

- Chemical test of batteries

- Paints ( determination of metal content) among others

The tests performs in our labs are oriented to fulfil the need for the market, either in the regulated field as Res.163/2005 of toys, or the national and international volunteer field.  

Awards and accreditations

Lenor is accredited by the Argentine Accreditation Body (OAA, ILAC, IAF, IAAC).

And recognized by INTI- SAC forming part of the National Metrology and Calibrations service as laboratory 24.


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