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Technical description of the services

The Division of Testing and Industrial Services SRL LENOR provides services for technical verification, inspection, testing and quality assessment, providing confidence to customers. Assure that the quality and performance of your equipment or installation complies with the requirements, whether regulatory, voluntary or customer specific. The goal is to help improve the integrity, quality and efficiency of equipment, ensuring safe working conditions and health of employees and minimize the environmental impact of industrial activities.

The services apply to engineering projects, procurement and construction and improvement and maintenance activities.

The Division of Industrial Services provides testing and technical solutions that give added value and help to implement their growth strategies, whether in the current local markets or new geographic markets. LENOR S.r.l. actively involved in providing a wide range of services, classified as follows

Inspections and Tests

- Non-Destructive Testing

- Audits, Inspection and Certification of Lifting Equipment

- Technical Assistance

- Structural Studies

- Inspection of implementation of anti-corrosion coatings

- Inspection on manufacturing processes

- Inspection on finished products

- Supervision and Inspection Works

- Quality control and quality assurance (QA / QC)

- Construction Inspection

- Inspection or dedicated spot, specialties: mechanical, electrical, civil, security

- Technical assistance and training

- Inspection of implementation of anti-corrosion coatings

Supply Chain Services

- Services Supply Chain (supply chain)

- Inspection on manufacturing processes

- Pre-shipment Inspection

- Inspection of finished products

- Inspection of test runs

- Inspection and packaging

- Inspection at source, more than 25 countries worldwide network

Awards and accreditations

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Test Laboratory

Electrical Safety
Electromedical Equipment
Energery Efficiency
Test of Photometric Measurements
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Directives RoHS, RAEE & REACH
Automotive Industry tests
Specials Tests
Food Industry and Food - Contact Packaging Tests
Fuels and Lubricants Tests
Chemical Laboratory
Communications Equipment tests
Batteries and Battery safety
Toy Safety
Bicycle safety
Lighters safety
Wine Industry tests
Inks and Printing Graphic tests


Prototype Inspection
Batch Inspection
Sampling Point of Sale (P.O.S)
Factory Audit

Calibration Laboratory

Calibration Laboratory
-Inti SAC


Certification Body

- household appliances
- Electrical Conductors
- Electric hand tools
- Lighting
- Material for Low Voltage
- Circuit breakers

- Technical Regulation Illumination and Street lighting RETILAP
- Toys
- Dinnerware
- Pressure Cookers

Certification of products in Ecuador


Trials and Industrial Services
Health and Safety
Non-Destructive Testing
Mining Industry Services